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5063-70 Ultrasonic Equipment & Supplies
8734-41 Ultrasonic Inspection Service
8099-54 Ultrasound Imaging-Medical
5047-29 Ultraviolet Ray Lamps & Apparatus
5699-18 Umbrellas
3999-54 Umbrellas-Manufacturers
5136-17 Umbrellas-Wholesale
9999-99 Unclassified Establishments
1623-10 Underground Wire & Cable Laying Contrs
2254-01 Underwear
2322-01 Underwear-Mens-Manufacturers
5136-18 Underwear-Mens-Wholesale
5136-12 Underwear-Wholesale
8748-69 Unemployment Insurance Consultants
2211-12 Uniform Fabrics
7218-03 Uniform Rental Service
5699-21 Uniform Supply Service
5699-22 Uniforms
5699-20 Uniforms-Accessories
2326-04 Uniforms-Manufacturers
5137-01 Uniforms-Men'S & Women'S-Wholesale
4911-02 Uninterruptible Power Systems
8631-02 Unions-Industrial
6726-99 Unit Investment Trusts-Certificate Ofcs
5015-06 Universal Joints
3081-98 Unsupported Plastics-Film & Sheet
7641-09 Upholsterers
5087-41 Upholsterers Supplies
2299-05 Upholsterers Supplies-Manufacturers
5714-08 Upholstery Fabrics-Retail
5131-09 Upholstery Fabrics-Wholesale
1094-01 Uranium
1094-98 Uranium Radium Vanadium Ores
2822-02 Urethane & Urethane Products-Mfrs
7363-07 Usher Service
4939-02 Utilities
6719-04 Utilities-Holding Companies
4939-03 Utilities-Underground-Cable Locating Sv
5063-10 Utilities-Underground-Cable Pipe & Wire
8742-55 Utility Bill Consultants
1623-08 Utility Contractors
4939-04 Utility Management

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